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Space Coast Tree Works wants to make sure your family, pets and home remain safe in the event of Natural Disasters including: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Forest Fires, High Winds and Flooding. We also recommend that you purchase a battery operated weather radio for up-to-date conditions in your area.

Hurricanes: Follow your local authority’s directions concerning evacuation and make sure you have the proper amounts of supplies, food, water, medications, 2-way radios, batteries and pet food. You can buy Hurricane Preparations Kits from most home improvement stores.

Make sure all of your lawn furniture, potted plants, garden toys, garbage cans, dog houses and any other item that can be blown away are stored in your garage.

Call Space Coast Tree Works in advance BEFORE a hurricane is heading toward Central Florida. We will come and clean, trim and remove all of the debris that can become wind-borne due to high velocity winds.

Also from the ground look up at the trees that are close to power lines. If the limbs were to break in a high velocity wind situation would they fall onto and damage the power lines? If you think “Yes” or even “Maybe” call Space Coast Tree Works and we will come and inspect the tree and if necessary trim those limbs.

Tornadoes: Florida has its share of tornadoes. A “Tornado Watch” means weather conditions are favorable for the formation of tornadoes. When a watch is given stay tuned to the local weather and listen to the bulletins on your weather radio.

A “Tornado Warning” means a tornado has formed and has been verified by the National Weather Service. Move your family and pets to the innermost space on the lowest floor in your home or business, preferably in the bathroom, hallway or closet. Keep away from windows. If at all possible keep your battery operated weather radio and flashlights with you at all times. Stay in this area until the Tornado Warning has been canceled.

Inspect your property every few months for dead trees, limbs, branches and palm fronds. If these were to break off during high velocity winds they become missiles and have been known to break windows and even penetrate roofs. Don’t forget about the damage it could do to your neighbor’s home or business.

Call Space Coast Tree Works and we will gladly come and trim your trees and remove any debris that could become wind-borne.

Forest Fires: Just think of Southern California and you know your home could be gone in a matter of minutes due to the common forest and brush fires that we have here in Central Florida. What is the answer? Protect your family and your home by making sure that ALL brush and debris are cleared from and around your property. Dry Palmettos, dead trees, dead bushes and dead dried weeds are the perfect fuel for a forest fire.

Call Space Coast Tree Works and we will come and remove all plants and trees that are dead and they create a hazardous environment for your home or property.

High Winds: Florida’s East Coast is known for having high winds at times. These high winds blow debris and can create hazards in your yard, driveway or street. Wind-Borne debris can damage your cars, plants and screened enclosures.

Call Space Coast Tree Works for all of your tree trimming and debris removal needs.

Flooding: This isn’t the Mid-West where flood water can reach 25’ but we do have our share of minor flooding. Debris created by trees shedding their limbs or fronds can clog ditches and drains not allowing flood waters to recede fast enough.

Call Space Coast Tree Works for all of your tree trimming and debris removal needs.


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